About me

I’m Youenn, just another programmer on the internet, and this is yet another blog about programming (and maybe more?).

What’s better than a little Q&A to get to know each other?

Q: Where do you live?
A: Wrocław, Poland

Q: What do you do?
A: Senior software consultant at Infusion, a nice company with a lot of talented and awesome people!

Q: Things you’re good at?
A: Explaining stuff, talking in English or Polish with a French accent, and sarcasm.

Q: Things you’re not good at?
A: Javascript, dancing, remembering street names.

Q: Movies or series?
A: Series.

Q: Favourite side of the bed?
A: Whatever “side” is left unoccupied by the girlfriend and the cat.

Q: Favourite music genre?
A: Jazz.

Q: Pizza or Pasta?
A: Why choose one?

Q: A fake quote you’ve just made up?
A: “Apple Maps, never again!” – Christopher Columbus

Q: Your most memorable Dilbert strip?
A: this one

Oh, I’ve very recently created a Twitter account (#NotACavemanAnymore), so you can also find me under @YouennBouglouan

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