About DSP 2017

Daj Się Poznać or simply DSP (Get Noticed! in English) is a Polish blogging contest aimed at programmers. The rules are simple: Each programmer must conduct a pet project and write a blog about it for 10 weeks, with the following constraints:

  • The project can use any technology, framework or language.
  • The source code of the project must be available on GitHub via a public repository.
  • The blog must be written either in English or in Polish.
  • The blogger must publish at least 2 posts per week. The first post must be about the project itself while the other can be about anything IT-related.
  • All posts regarding DSP must be made available via a dedicated RSS channel.

The 2017 edition of DSP (codename DSP2017!) will start on 1st, March and end on 31st, May.
You can read more about the whole contest on their official website (Polish version only).

Want to follow my project? Use the following links:

Want to know a little bit more about me? Head up here
You can also contact me via Twitter @YouennBouglouan

2 of my colleagues also started in this year’s edition. Check out their blog too!

Dawid Sibiński‘s blog can be found here: http://www.dsibinski.pl/
His project is about writing an mobile application called MoneyBack. The app will help you track costs and easily notify others that they owe you money :)! The whole thing will be built using Xamarin. The blog itself is in English.

Łukasz Antkowiak‘s blog can be found here: http://blog.lantkowiak.pl/
Łukasz’s project will allow to detect plagiarism within codebases. Interesting topic and choice of technologies, as the project will be written in Kotlin and AngularJS. The blog itself is in Polish.

Happy blogging!