Lambda Days 2017 – My conference round-up

Almost 3 months ago, on February 9 and 10, the 2017 edition of Lambda Days, the conference dedicated to Functional Programming, took place in Kraków, Poland. I had the chance to attend the event with 3 of my friends and colleagues (thank you Infusion for covering all the expenses!).

The least I can say is that I don’t regret it! The 2 days were packed with awesome sessions, great speakers, and a very responsive audience. Not to mention the food (honestly, that probably was the best meringue pie I’ve ever had!). You can check the full program here.

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then, but I wanted to write a post about what were my favourite sessions and why. All the conferences were recorded so we will be able to watch (or re-watch?) them if you want to. Without further due, here are my top 3 talks. Enjoy!

***** Number 1 *****
Implementing Event-Driven Microservices Architecture using FP

Speaker: Nikhil Barthwal
Main topics: F#, Event Sourcing, Microservices, Cloud computing
Duration: 26 minutes

Why did I like the talk?
This was most probably the most pragmatic talk of all that I attended. Nikhil Barthwal from the startup explains how F# and FP paradigms allowed them to scale from 0 to 8 million customers in around one year and a half! This shows that F# is often wrongly associated to scientific computing only, while in fact it can be successfully used in a large-scale production environment. A must-watch for sure.

*** Number 2 ***
Building the systems of tomorrow

Speaker: Txus Bach
Main topics: Idris, correctness of Software, type systems
Duration: 34 minutes

Why did I like the talk?
In this session Txus Bach talks about the importance of writing correct Software and the dangers of bugs and bad code. How to write correct programs? Txus Bach suggests we start by picking the right tools for the job: among others better type systems. Very nice presentation, check it out! Little bonus, the guy with the French accent asking the 2nd question at the end is me. I had completely forgot about it!

* Number 3 *
Building a security testing service with F#

Speaker: William Blum
Main topics: F#, Why use functional programming,
Duration: 45 minutes

Why did I like the talk?
Because William Blum is French shows well what are the strong points of F# and why you can and should use it if you want to bring value to your product very fast and in a safe way. The speaker presents Project Springfield, a security service built in F# and available from Microsoft’s cloud. The 2nd part of the session contains a lot of small samples of F# features that made me love the language when I first started. Accessible and well rounded talk.

And that’s it for my personal selection! All other videos are available from the program here.

Big thanks to the organizers of the conference, and hopefully see you next year!


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