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Overview of WebSharper’s templating engine – Part 1, Text holes

In the previous Hello WebSharper post i intentionally left a few questions unanswered: What is the role of the Main.html file in the project? What solutions does WebSharper offer do… Read more »

Are you Polish? F# will tell us (probably)! Part 2/2

In yesterday’s post we had our first glance at F# and how we would use it to answer the question that is on everyone’s lips: is your surname Polish? In… Read more »

Are you Polish? F# will tell us (probably)!

In my previous post I created a small Hello, World! web application using WebSharper. As F# is predominant in WebSharper, I figured I’d write a few posts about the language… Read more »

Hello, WebSharper!

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In my previous post I was explaining why I chose WebSharper as my main topic for DSP 2017. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the short answer: full-stack Web… Read more »